Pre-Owned MRO Equipment

EquipNet is the world's leading provider of pre-owned MRO equipment and spare parts. Exclusive contracts with our clients yield a wide range of used motors, valves, bearings, pumps, sensors, and more. If you do not see the used MRO equipment you are looking for, contact us and one of our representatives will find it for you.

MRO Resale Opportunities

Do you have MRO equipment in a box, unopened, or purchased a newer model?
Make the most of it with our resale options.

Here's what to expect when selling your higher-end, new model MRO assets:

Categories of Equipment with 4 – 8% Salability**
1. Instrumentation Equipment
2. PLCs
3. Controllers
4. Meters
5. Transmitters

Categories of Equipment with 1 – 3% Salability**
1. Control Valves, Actuators, Parts, Repair Kits
2. Bearings and Seals
3. Drives, Gear Drives, VFDs
4. Circuit Breakers, Starters, Relays
5. Pumps, Pump Parts, Pump Rebuild Kits
6. Manual Valves, Parts, Repair Kits
7. Electric Motors
8. Lighting
9. Tools and Consumables


** The categories listed are typically the most desired equipment to buyers, but EquipNet is not limited to selling only these categories.

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How EquipNet Can Help
Your MRO Needs

MRO equipment often slips a facility’s mind, but it is some of the most valuable and useful equipment one can have. One of the biggest mistakes a company or facility can make is mismanaging its MRO equipment. Learn how EquipNet can help find the right MRO management plan for your company.

Additional Opportunities for Your MRO Surplus

Do you have MRO equipment specific to your facility or parts dedicated to your machines?

Here's what to expect when selling particular MRO assets dedicated to your specific machines:

EquipNet can facilitate the redeployment process of these assets to other facilities within your organization through our Asset Redeployment Management System (ARMS), which allows clients to proactively identify, track, redeploy, and sell inactive machinery.

Resale Value
Is your specific tooling a popular OEM or model? If so, EquipNet can evaluate the assets and appraise a resale value to help you gain a capital return.

Is your goal to clear out your facility? Scrapping these assets is the best method to gain clearance. Returns are based on daily market conditions.

Featured Case Study

Ongoing MRO Management:
Rahway, New Jersey

The client was in need of an ongoing asset management solution to help manage and sell over 25,000 pieces of surplus MRO equipment and spare parts at a facility in Rahway, New Jersey. This facility consists of multiple buildings; Inventory to be sold includes actuators, agitators, filters, flanges, gauges, motors, pipes, pumps, sensors, transmitters, and more.

3 Ways to Buy Used MRO Equipment

The leading auctioneer for lab instrumentation and manufacturing equipment, EquipNet offers global online auctions, live auctions, and sealed bid auctions.

Own It Now allows users to purchase equipment with the click of a button. As the time ticks down, so does the price.

EquipNet's MarketPlace is the world's largest online venue for surplus process, packaging, laboratory, and analytical equipment.

Sustainability Benefits in the Used Equipment Market

Running an environmentally-friendly business helps to promote sustainability. Reducing the impact on the environment and preserving natural resources is an organization’s responsibility, establishing a concept that promotes sustainability and saves costs. Promoting sustainability may not be a straightforward process and the challenges could derail your quest. The modern standards not only consider sustainability and green principles as trendy, but it also initiates a sense of accountability. The good news is that, within the used equipment market, you can conveniently embrace sustainable operations and reap its benefits.

Over the last 20 years, EquipNet diverted over 198,000 tons of waste from landfills, promoting sustainability while allowing businesses to pocket cash in the process.

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