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Asset Accuracy Counts: Common Mistakes To Avoid And Best Practices

Tips for successful and accurate asset inventory and common mistakes to avoid 

Asset Accuracy Counts: Common Mistakes To Avoid And Best Practices To Consider

Tips for successful and accurate asset inventory and common mistakes to avoid.

7 Steps To A Successful Lab Closure

A guide to planning for success when closing a facility.

7 Plant Closing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

A guide to maximizing results and minimizing damage when closing a facility.

tips to data security

Data Security Ebook: 10 Tips For Keeping Your Data Safe

Learn the best practices for keeping your own and your clients’ sensitive data safe and secure. 

White Paper: Low Cost Equipment Sourcing

Learn the best strategies for driving costs out of capital equipment purchases and more. 

equipnet auctions

7 Secrets To A Successful Auction Event

Get inside tips from our auction professionals on how to run a successful auction event.

Benefits Of Utilizing Project Management For Asset Disposition

Unsure about utilizing a professional project management team for your asset disposition project? Get all the inside details here and insight on the benefits of project management. 

Purchasing Pre-Owned Reality Check

Hesitant about buying pre-owned equipment? Get the truth behind purchasing pre-owned industrial equipment. 

equipnet auctions

4 Tips For Participating In An International Auction

EquipNet hosts a number of auctions throughout the year across the globe, including locations in the US, Mexico, UK, Canada, and many others. Learn the best tips for participating in these auctions here. 

Equipment Expertise: Inspecting Vessels - Part 1

Get the inside information for all you need to know on inspecting pressurized, non-pressurized, jacketed and non-jacketed glass-lined vessels. 

Equipment Expertise: Inspecting Vessels - Part 2

Part II of this eBook series will focus on the tips and techniques to help you properly inspect a carbon steel, stainless steel, or hastelloy vessel.

Global Consignment Solutions With EquipNet

EquipNet provides our customers with professionally-managed warehouse consignment services for your idle or surplus assets. EquipNet’s expert team will handle and store your inventory in an organized, secure and attractive facility. 

Equipment Expertise: Inspecting Heat Exchangers

This eBook will focus on another highly common piece of equipment that can be found in most manufacturing facilities around the world. That piece of equipment is the ever-efficient and highly necessary heat exchanger. 

Equipment Expertise: Inspecting A Tablet Press

Many of the questions our sales group fields are revolved around the basic inquiry, “What do I look for when inspecting a used piece of equipment?” This eBook will focus on how to properly inspect a Tablet Press. 

surplus technology management

What To Look For In A Surplus Technology Asset Management Company

Get all the details you need in selecting the proper surplus technology asset management company in this eBook. 

Best Practices for Managing Surplus MRO & Spare Parts

Did you know that over 50% of your MRO purchases are sitting idle? Download this eBook for the best practices on efficiently managing your surplus MRO equipment. 

Equipment Expertise: Inspecting a Used HPLC

In this eBook, we focus on a piece of lab equipment that can be found in chemical, biopharmaceutical, and consumer goods facilities alike. That piece of equipment is, of course, the HPLC. 

Appraisals And Valuations: Common Terms And Definitions Of Value For Machinery & Technical Assets

A number of different terms are used within an appraisal for machinery and technical assets. Here are some of the common appraisal terms, along with definitions. 

EquipNet Worldwide Logistics: Shipping And Preparation

EquipNet Worldwide Logistics service provides customized crating, skidding, and/or freight services for a wide array of industrial, manufacturing, and lab equipment. Learn more about the benefits of our Logistics service in this eBook. 

Equipment Expertise: How To Purchase A Tablet Press In The US And Abroad

We have pharmaceutical buyers from all over the world who purchase an array of manufacturing equipment, most notably tablet presses. Many buyers may not realize the regulations set by the US government on tablet presses and how they affect purchasing. 

Equipment Expertise: Popular Lab Equipment Purchasing Guide

There are many questions to ask before deciding to purchase a piece of laboratory equipment to ensure the ideal option for your lab needs. Here is a list of popular lab equipment, along with various questions to ask before making a purchasing decision. 

7 Steps To Closing A Semiconductor Fab

EquipNet has worked with various leading global semiconductor manufacturers to help them properly plan and execute fab closures. This eBook was created by our in-house experts to share best practices with you in handling your semiconductor fab closure. 

Decontamination Guidelines: Steps For A Successful Decontamination

When going through decommissioning of laboratory equipment and instrumentation, it is essential to execute the proper cleaning procedures to ensure any hazardous materials are removed and cleared from assets prior to disposition, storage, or relocation. 

proactive asset disposition

The 6 Steps Of Proactive Asset Disposition With EquipNet

Ensuring a successful and profitable asset disposition strategy can seem like a burdensome task for businesses of all sizes. EquipNet’s team of experts can set up the right plan for all needs.