Refurbished and EquipNet Certified - EquipNet's 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The price for EquipNet Certified listings includes a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (US and Canada customers eligible only). Customer shall have the right to return the applicable product(s) for a refund or credit.

If repair is needed, Equipnet shall at its sole discretion have the option to repair the unit and ship back to Customer. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by EquipNet, Customer shall be responsible for all packaging and shipping charges for product(s) returned or repaired. If the unit cannot be repaired, EquipNet will attempt to find a replacement unit that is acceptable to the customer. If a replacement unit cannot be identified, EquipNet will credit the customer for their purchase, and will refund the customer or apply the credit to their account.

This 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is null and void if (a) the Product has been modified by the Customer, (b) any repairs have been attempted or completed by either the Customer or another third party, (c) the Product has not been subject to proper maintenance, or (d) the Product has been misused or abused in any way.

For more information contact your EquipNet sales representative.

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