Asset Investment Recovery Newsletters

November 2022 Edition

Sell Your Surplus Laboratory Equipment to Free Up Valuable Space and Maximize Your Company’s Financial Return

EquipNet can offer you multiple different solutions to help you sell your surplus or idle equipment. From a retail option for maximum returns, through 3 different sales channel, to an Outright Purchase for immediate returns, we will make sure we give you the best options for your needs.

May 2022 Edition

Outright Purchase Program: Gain Immediate Financial Return for Your Surplus Equipment and Free Up Space in Your Facility

Surplus equipment takes up valuable space at your facility. EquipNet’s Outright Purchase Program provides sellers with immediate financial return and helps to clear out idle equipment from facilities.

March 2022 Edition

Sustainability Benefits: Become a "Green" Company with EquipNet

Companies committed to sustainability need programs and processes that support their pledge to seek better ways to advance the initiative across their enterprise. EquipNet can help with your sustainability initiatives. By recycling and reusing surplus equipment, you reduce waste and take part in the circular economy.

January 2022 Edition

New Year Calls for Budget Strategy - Sell Your Surplus Equipment to Build a Strong Budget for 2022 Spending

Make space in your facility while generating cash to purchase new equipment by selling the assets you no longer need. Sell your surplus equipment on EquipNet’s global MarketPlace or alongside similar equipment in one of our industry-specific online auctions. You can list one piece of equipment at a time or hundreds.

January 2021 Edition

Sustainable Investment Recovery Solutions with EquipNet

Our Investment Recovery Program maximizes financial returns by proactively managing your surplus equipment, driving sales, and tracking redeployments. Learn how to gain access to all of our best-in-class asset management and disposition services. 

May 2021 Edition

Investment Recovery Programs: Manage Your Equipment Assets Across the Globe

Whether you are working with a full site closure or have a single asset to sell, EquipNet’s solutions deliver maximized financial return while improving our client’s corporate image, adhering to safety standards, and contributing to sustainability initiatives.

March 2021 Edition

Maximizing Results and Minimizing Damage When Closing a Facility

A plant closure done right can bring huge financial rewards, while doing it wrong can expose your company to risk, liability, and missed deadlines. Learn about some of the most common mistakes made during a plant closure and how you can avoid them.

December 2020 Edition

Save Costs and Build a Strong Budget for Your 2021 Equipment Spending

Globally, countries have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we still are seeing and feeling the consequences. Because of the uncertainties brought about, many companies have adopted new strategies to overcome the situation.