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On-site Inventory and Inspection Alternatives

With access to facilities closed off to non-essential personnel, here are some alternatives that EquipNet is utilizing with our clients.

The Semiconductor Chip Shortage

A significant number of everyday items, particularly electronics, have a Semiconductor Chip in them. However, a perfect storm of circumstances has created a widely-felt shortage of chips. How could such a shortage happen?

How Toothpaste Is Made

Toothpaste is everywhere, and is a common fixture in everyday life. However, for something seemingly simple,  a lot goes into manufacturing it. Learn how toothpaste is made (and, yes, packaged perfectly and sealed into its tubes)!

How a Plastic Extrusion Line Works

While plastic is used in many aspects of life, the process to create it from raw materials has many specialized steps. With the help of plastic extrusion lines, the complicated process occurs swiftly to give us a much-used final product!

How a Steam Turbine Generates Electricity

A steam turbine is incredibly useful in creating electricity from a variety of sources. However, these machines are far more complicated than meets the eye. Learn all about the process it goes through to make electricity!

Top Ten Pharmaceutical Drug Exporters and Importers

The global pharmaceutical industry is rapidly growing and is forecast to break records over the next few years. Check out what roles countries play in this growth, and what this means for the future of the industry.

What Goes Into
a Vaccine?

Talk of a vaccine has been on everyone’s mind lately. But, have you ever wondered what actually goes into a vaccine to make sure that it is safe and effective? These seemingly simple injections actually require a lot of effort.

EquipNet SmartAuctions™ Bidding Box

In EquipNet’s SmartAuctions™, the seller can accept the highest bid during or after the event, even if it did not reach the reserve. Learn more about bidding in our SmartAuctions™ in this guide.


Pharmaceutical Trends in 2020

As pharmaceutical market needs evolve, trends in pharma manufacturing evolve as well. Take a look to see what experts are predicting and projecting for the future of the industry.

Biopharma Trends to Watch in 2020

The Biopharmaceutical Industry seems like its never been as popular as it is this year, and for good reason. Take a look to see some of the trends to expect in 2020 and beyond.

Coronavirus Vaccine: From Concept to Creation

Scientists are working hard to get the Coronavirus vaccine ready for widespread use, but ever wonder about all the research and effort that goes into the actual creation?

Animated Infographic:
Keeping Pace with
the Medical Cannabis Industry

The top companies based on cannabis patents in America include Sanofi, Merck, Abbvie, and other global leaders. Learn more about the Medical Cannabis Industry in our animated infographic.

Sealed Bid Auction Event:

An overview of EquipNet’s Sealed Bid Auction events and how the system works. For additional questions about our auction services, please contact your local EquipNet representative.

Turn Surplus Assets into Assets that Drive Sustainability

EquipNet’s surplus asset management program accelerates a company’s commitment to Sustainability, saves costs, and provides a measurable way to best track results.

cannabis infographic

Keeping Pace with the Medical Cannabis Industry

According to a US survey of cannabis consumers, 80% used marijuana as a substitute for pharmaceutical drugs – The industry is projecting $5.9 billion USD in sales for 2019 alone.

Electronic Waste
Around The World

Electronic waste affects everyone across the globe. Be sure to comply with proper environmental recycling regulations. to make sure electronics are handled safely and appropriately.

Top Safety Concerns In Manufacturing

Working in manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities can pose many safety concerns. Some concerns include maintenance issues, hazards from large equipment, general carelessness and more. 

Pharmaceutical Drug Dosage Forms

Pharmaceutical medications are available in a number of different dosage forms and are classified in various ways. Get an inside look at the pharmaceutical dosage industry to learn the complexities of this system. 

Computer Recycling

Don’t add to the digital dump; over 300,000 computers are produced each year and only 40% are properly recycled. Learn more about how to properly recycle computers to protect the environment.

Hard Drive Security

EquipNet’s Computer Equipment Value Recovery service offers hard drive destruction services onsite at select locations. Contact our Computer Equipment Value Recovery with questions or for more information.

Smartphone Recycling

Recycling 100 million smart phones can save enough energy to power up 20,000 homes per year. Be sure to dispose of your cellphones and other electronics properly to safely make the most of your unneeded equipment.

Let Us Drive Your Technology Needs

EquipNet Computer Equipment Value Recovery offers a wide range of services to manage your IT equipment, including buying and selling surplus equipment, asset remarketing, data security, and more. Learn more about the best options for you.

The Paper Manufacturing

Paper is everywhere, but for such a common thing, its creation is quite complicated. The step-by-step basics of how paper is created, including the preparation and the processing.

Microbeads: From Face Wash To Fish Food

Researchers estimate that 8 trillion plastic microbeads are released into our waterways each day in the US alone? Take a look at this infographic outlining the lifecycle of plastic microbeads. 

Certified Machinery And Equipment Appraisals

A Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisal (CMEA) is often required by businesses, lenders, and CPAs to make sure equipment value is substantiated. Here is the process of a CMEA. 

BioProcessing: The Upstream And Downstream Process

Learn more about upstream and downstream processing. The upstream process includes production and harvesting, and the downstream process consists of purification, chromatography, and ion exchange. 

A Brief History
Of Plastic

Plastic is one of the most common materials used around the world because of its many uses. Get an inside look at some of the complicated and extensive history behind plastic. 

The Benefits Of
An Onsite EquipNet Rep

Learn the possibilities of the first 6 months of hiring an EquipNet Onsite Asset Manager. With the assistance of an onsite manager, you have the capability to benefit from over $100,000 in redeployment savings and more. 

own it now

Own It Now - Help/FAQs

Need help navigating our new purchasing channel, Own It Now? Let us outline all you need to know about purchasing through Own It Now to guarantee the best user experience. 

How The Common HPLC Operates

An HPLC is a chromatographic process that is used to separate a mixture in analytical and biochemistry needs – Learn more about how the common HPLC operates in our infographic.

EquipNet 3D Printing And Its Impact

3D Printing, also recognized as Additive Manufacturing (AM), involves the making of a three-dimensional object from a digital file. Check out the overview of the process and more on this infographic. 

Logistics Of Equipment Purchases

Our Worldwide Logistics team helps manage the complicated details of your needs for receiving equipment you purchased. Learn the basics of the process, including MarketPlace sales and Auctions. 

Listing Exclusively Vs. Non-Exclusively

With selling equipment, we offer sellers the option to list your assets on both an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. Read more to learn about the benefits of each type of listing.

Onsite Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drives pose a particular issue because they often store sensitive or personal information. The process of destroying and recycling hard drives with EquipNet will give you peace of mind.