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Onsite Hard Drive Destruction By EquipNet

The process of destroying and recycling hard drives with EquipNet asset management services. 

Onsite Hard Drive Destruction By EquipNet

The process of destroying and recycling hard drives with EquipNet asset management services. 

Electronic Waste Around The World

Electronic waste affects everyone across the globe – Be sure to comply with proper environmental recycling regulations. 

Bidding Guide - EquipNet Auctions Applet

The bidding guide for EquipNet Auctions Applet. 

Wine Around The World

An inside look at the global wine industry broken down by consumers and manufacturers. 

Medical Device Wearables Statistics

Wearable devices are in high demand and are experiencing vast growth, especially in the medical device industry. 

A Brief History Of Plastic

Plastic is one of the most common materials used around the world. Get an inside look at some of the history behind plastic. 

Top Safety Concerns In The Manufacturing Industry

Working in manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities can pose many safety concerns. Some of these concerns include maintenance issues, permanent hazards from large equipment, general carelessness and much more. 

Pharmaceutical Drug Dosage Forms

Pharmaceutical medications are available in a number of different dosage forms and are classified in various ways. Get an inside look at the pharmaceutical dosage industry. 

Terror-Ific History Of Lollipops

Ever wonder where the term Lollipop came from? We’ve got the inside information for this sweet sector of the confectionery industry.

Part 1: Packaging Market Shares By Country

The overall packaging industry is worth over $400 billion – See which countries hold the largest market shares. 

Part 2: Common Materials Shipped In The Packaging Industry

Many materials are shipped all over the world within the packaging industry. Here are some of the top materials. 

Part 3: Packaging Market Share By Industry

Many industries utilize packaging items to package, ship and style their products. Check out some of the top market shares based on the industries. 

Part 4: The Top 10 Fastest Growing Markets In The Packaging Industry

Did you know the top fastest growing market for the packaging industry is Turkey? Take a look at the others here. 

Part 5: The Key Drivers & Trends In The Packaging Industry

There are many key drivers and trends influencing the packaging industry – Check some of them out here. 

Hair & Skin Care Globally On The Rise

The hair and skin care industry is experiencing great growth and is intended to prosper in the upcoming years.

Computer Recycling

Don’t add to the digital dump; over 300,000 computers are produced each year and only 40% are properly recycled.

Hard Drive Security

The hair and skin care industry is experiencing great growth and is intended to prosper in the upcoming years.

Smartphone Recycling

Recycling 100 million smart phones can save enough energy to power up 20,000 homes per year – Be sure to dispose of your cellphones and other electronics properly.

Let Us Drive Your Technology Needs

EquipNet Computer Equipment Value Recovery offers a range of services to manage your IT equipment, including buying and selling surplus, asset remarketing, data security and much more.

The Paper Manufacturing Process

The step-by-step basics of how paper is created, including the preparation and the processing.

Microbeads: From Face Wash To Fish Food

Did you know that researchers estimate that 8 trillion plastic microbeads are released into our waterways each day in the US alone? Take a look at this infographic outlining the lifecycle of plastic microbeads. 

Driving Trends And Growth In The Global Packaging Industry

The global packaging industry is impacted by a number of trends and is experiencing growth in a number of segments. According to a report, the industry is expected to reach $975 billion by 2018. 

Certified Machinery And Equipment Appraisals

A Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisal (CMEA) is often required by business owners, lenders, CPAs, and many others to make sure the value of their machinery and equipment is qualified and substantiated. Here is the process of a CMEA. 

BioProcessing: The Upstream And Downstream Process

Check out this infographic for an outline of upstream and downstream processing. The upstream process includes production and harvesting, and the downstream process consists of purification, chromatography, and ion exchange. 

The Benefits Of An Onsite EquipNet Rep

These values represent the before and after results from the first 6 months of hiring an EquipNet Onsite Asset Manager. With the assistance of an onsite manager, you have the capability to benefit from over $100,000 in redeployment savings and more. 

Own It Now - Help/FAQs

Need help navigating our new purchasing channel, Own It Now? This infographic outlines the basics for all you need to know about purchasing through Own It Now. 

2016 Semiconductor Market

The semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry is forecasted to grow 13.2% from 2016 to 2017, driven by facility equipment needs and semiconductor manufacturing specific to memory and power needs. 

SmartAuctions™ Status Indicators

EquipNet SmartAuctions™ use colored indicators to show the status of a lot. Our SmartAuction™ status indicators automatically update you on the changing status of your bid. Take a look at this infographic for more information on our status indicators. 

Bidding Guide - EquipNet SmartAuctions™

EquipNet SmartAuctions™ use colored indicators to show the status of a lot. Use this bidding guide for all you need to know about bidding in EquipNet SmartAuctions™. 

Bidding Guide - Popcorn Bidding In EquipNet SmartAuctions™

The EquipNet SmartAuctions™ platform utilizes popcorn bidding with bids entered within 5 minutes of the close of the auction. Check out this infographic for all you need to know about popcorn bidding with EquipNet SmartAuctions™. 

2016 Global Market Share Of Semiconductor Production

The United States is the leading global provider of semiconductors and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, with about 50% of the market share.

EquipNet 3D Printing And Its Impact

3D Printing, also recognized as Additive Manufacturing (AM), involves the making of a three-dimensional object from a digital file. Check out the overview of the process and more on this infographic. 

Logistics Of Equipment Purchases

EquipNet’s Worldwide Logistics team helps to manage all of the complicated details of your logistics needs for receiving your equipment once purchased. Take a look at the basics of the process below, including MarketPlace sales and Auction items. 

Listing Exclusively Vs. Non-Exclusively

With selling equipment, we offer sellers the option to list their assets on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. Here are the benefits of each type of listing.

Semiconductor Industry Forecast

FABs worldwide are expected to reach all-time high records on equipment spending in the upcoming years. Check out our semiconductor industry infographic for more details.

The Global Pharmaceutical Industry

The global pharma industry is one of the largest in the world, with total revenues reaching over $1 trillion worldwide. Learn more about the global pharmaceutical industry in our infographic. 

Top 10 Worldwide Semiconductor Sales Leaders

The comparison below shows the top 10 semiconductor sales leaders worldwide from various years (excluding foundries). Changes to note are the large sales increases (in Billions) as well as the companies who have stayed on top compared to others.

The Turkey Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Market

Turkey is the 29th largest pharmaceutical market in the world and the 2nd largest in Central/Eastern Europe – Pharmaceutical sales in Turkey are forecasted to grow from $7.6 billion in 2015 to $9.8 billion by 2020. 

An Overview Of The Food Packaging Industry

Some of the most innovative segments in the food packaging industry include snack foods, meat/related products, fruits & veggies, and pet food. These segments are being driven by a number of trends, including biodegradable packaging and more.

How The Common HPLC Operates

An HPLC is a chromatographic process that is used to separate a mixture in analytical and biochemistry needs – Learn more about how the common HPLC operates in our infographic.