$1.1 Million Generated from 90+ Sold Listings
for Industry Leader GlaxoSmithKline

The Client
GlaxoSmithKline is a leading pharmaceutical company that develops vaccines and medicines to treat asthma, viruses, infections, mental health, diabetes, digestive conditions, and cancer.
The Challenge
GSK, a long term client of EquipNet’s, reached out for assistance managing and selling surplus due to the end of production for a sterile IV drug, Augmentin, and the closure of oral manufacturing of amoxycillin syrups at a facility in the UK. The company’s operations at this facility were being moved to other locations in France and Belgium.

Inventory for this project included various pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment including Labelers, Cartoners, Check Weighers, Conveyors, Capping Machines, Torque Testers, Centrifuges, Vessels, Vial Washers, Vial Filling Lines, Generators, Autoclaves, Heat Exchangers, and much more.

The site was still in production when the disposition began, causing difficulties in equipment removals, and there were high EHS and GMP standards that had to be prioritized throughout the project. In addition, the products running on this equipment led to a limited market of buyers as it could only be sold to other penicillin manufacturers.
The Solution
EquipNet’s specialists provided an onsite inventory and appraisal of over 90 pieces of equipment and listed them onto the online MarketPlace for negotiated sale. Once buyers were secured, EquipNet handled all logistics needs. Some items were also able to be redeployed via ARMS to other facilities within the client’s network.

• Project Management
• Onsite Inventory
• Individual Asset Sales via MarketPlace
• Equipment Appraisals
• Worldwide Logistics Services
• Asset Redeployments via ARMS
The Result
EquipNet successfully sold the majority of the assets, resulting in £1.1 Million sales for the client. The redeployments to the other facilities helped the company save an additional £30,000. The company was highly satisfied with the project result and continues to utilize EquipNet as its service provider for all surplus equipment needs

• 90+ Listings Sold
• $1.1 Million in Sales
• 3 Listings Redeployed
• Approx. £30,000 in Redeployment Savings
Assets Sold
Sales Proceeds
$1.1 Million
Listings Redeployed
Redeployment Savings

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