Becton Dickinson Full Site Closure:
Medical Device Manufacturing Equipment

The Client

Becton Dickinson is a leading medical technology company specialized in manufacturing medical devices, instrument systems and reagents.

The Challenge

Becton Dickinson’s facility was closing in Seattle, which consisted of two separate buildings with over 100 assets including Mori Seiki, Haas, and Fadal CNC Machining Centers, Tool Room and Support equipment. A very tight deadline of only 45 days was in place and was cut even shorter, leaving only two weeks to remove all of the equipment from the two buildings. Additionally, some of the assets were missing components, which presented another obstacle for EquipNet to overcome.

The Solution

Using these services with the aid of EquipNet associates, Becton Dickinson was able to have a pleasant and profitable experience guaranteeing future relations with EquipNet.

•Project Management                           •Onsite Inventory
•Facility Closure Management            •ARMSTM
•Managed Pricing                                   •SmartAuctions
•Worldwide Logistics

The Result

EquipNet met the client’s deadline and provided optimal results far better than anticipated. While 18 assets were scrapped, one was redeployed and the other 83 were sold. In total, the company saw numbers 60 percent higher than expected.

Number of Assets

Total Disposition Results

Equipment Categories
CNC Machining Centers
Tool Room Equipment
Support Equipment

Project Management
Facility Closure Management
Onsite Inventory
Managed Pricing
Worldwide Logistics

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