Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Client:
Bethlehem, PA

The Client

The client is focused on design, engineering and manufacturing of high quality production equipment for pilot and commercial scale biopharmaceutical manufacturing. For over 30 years, they have been a leader in delivering integrated process equipment solutions for GMP biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

The Challenge

The client had hundreds of miscellaneous MRO items that had been taking up space at their Bethlehem, PA facility. Our client needed these miscellaneous parts removed from the facility to free up space and make room for new equipment as soon as possible.

The Solution

EquipNet coordinated the shipment of MRO equipment to our Canton, MA warehouse for the equipment to be sold on consignment. Logistics coordinated two separate shipments of equipment. In total 260 listings were written up and made available for sale.

The Result

All 260 listings were routed to auction where the majority of the assets sold over several months. The first auction was held on 6/25/13 and 188 listings were sold in the event. The 6/25/13 MRO auction generated $15,575.93 in sales for the seller.

The remaining assets were routed to the next MRO auction held on 7/18/13 where 41 additional listings were sold in the event. The 7/18/13 MRO auction generated an additional $4,832.00 in sales.

The few remaining assets were routed to both the 8/20/13 and 9/26/13 MRO auctions. The seller sold an additional 9 listings in both events generating an additional $1,435.50 in sales.

EquipNet also facilitated the scrapping of the few remaining items that did not sell in order to eliminate the clients remaining footprint in our warehouse.

The client was extremely satisfied with the results, as we are now in the process of coordinating another shipment.

In summary, EquipNet was able to remove all of the clutter and miscellaneous MRO parts from the Bethlehem facility in a timely fashion in order to provide the client with immediate clearance. EquipNet provided the seller with a consignment solution that ultimately satisfied their needs and generated a total of $21,843.43 in sales.

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