Biotech/Pharmaceutical Facility Closure | Massachusetts

The Client

Synta Pharmaceuticals is a leading research and development company specializing in oncology pharmaceuticals and other related medicines.

The Challenge

One of our previous project clients recommended our services to Synta Pharmaceuticals to help with closing a facility consisting of three different buildings. The entire facility needed full clearance and contained an array of over 400 pieces of R&D equipment, including HPLCs, Gas Chromatographs, Mass Spectrometers, Flow Cytometers, NMRs, and much more.

With only about three months to clear all three buildings, EquipNet’s specialists had to act quickly and efficiently to achieve full clearance and gain financial return for the client.

The Solution

Our Equipment Specialists provided a full onsite inventory of all equipment and hosted onsite inspections to showcase the laboratory assets in action. From there, we coordinated with
our Worldwide Logistics team to transfer the assets to EquipNet’s warehouse to be placed on consignment. We then implemented our Value Based Sales Model, which includes pre-auction sales on EquipNet’s online MarketPlaceTM, followed by dedicated online auction.

• Project Management                        • Worldwide Logistics
• Site Closure Management               • Onsite Inventory
• Onsite Inspections                            • Global Consignment
• Value Based Sales Model

The Result

EquipNet achieved full clearance within the client’s requested deadline, and the Value Based Sales Model strategy proved to be a very profitable solution for the company, with Synta Pharmaceuticals seeing a 140% higher than expected return.

Number of Assets

Sales Proceeds
$1.2 Million

Equipment Categories
Gas Chromatographs
Mass Spectrometers
Flow Cyclometers

Project Management
Site Closure Management
Onsite Inventory
Onsite Inspections
Worldwide Logistics
Global Consignment
Value Based Sales Model

pharmaceutical facility closure management

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