Unilever Site Closure: North America

The Client

A global company with 400 brands that span across 14 categories of personal care, home, and food products. Unilever’s products are sold in more than 190 countries and the company has been a highly valued corporate client of EquipNet’s for over ten years.

The Challenge

Unilever’s facility in Clinton, CT that had been manufacturing hairsprays, deodorants, and other various personal care products which they were planning to shut down in multiple phases. The facility needed to achieve clearance on all assets at that site in less than a year’s time, so any kind of job with this tight of a deadline and magnitude of work poses a challenge for EquipNet’s. In terms of equipment, this facility had over 500 process and packaging/personal care manufacturing assets to gain clearance on, ranging from full production lines to kettles and tanks.

The Solution

Due to the large number of assets EquipNet needed to sell through, it was imperative for multiple sales channels to be utilized in order to best serve the needs of the client, including both MarketPlace sales and a live auction event.

EquipNet deployed a team of equipment specialists at the launch of the project to properly write up, price, and tag all equipment at this facility. Initially, some of the higher-valued pieces of equipment were placed on EquipNet’s MarketPlace for sale. When the deadline for shutdown inched closer, EquipNet hosted a live auction event for over 300 pieces of remaining equipment. EquipNet supplied all the necessary resources for the auction, sending a large team to the site to oversee pre-auction inspections and post-auction pickups. EquipNet’s logistics team worked closely with the rigger on site who was performing all of the necessary removal work. EquipNet then coordinated the scrapping of any equipment that did not sell after the project, eliminating a vast amount of work for the client and providing a turn-key result for the project.

The Result

The large majority of the equipment sold during the live auction event in addition to some MarketPlace sales prior to the auction. The 66 items that remained were scrapped, and ultimately EquipNet was able to meet the needs of the client and have the facility cleared prior to the client’s year-end deadline for the shutdown. The client was pleased with EquipNet’s efforts and our ability to provide a comprehensive service plan to them.

Number of Assets

Site Closure Management
Project Management
Managed Pricing
Dedicated Live Auction
Equipment Specialists
Worldwide Logistics

Sales Result
$800,000+ in Sales

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