Creams, Liquids, and Bar Soap Manufacturing Facility Closure | Guarulhos, Brazil

The Client

The client is a leading pharmaceutical company that develops vaccines and medicines treating skin conditions, asthma, viruses, infections, mental health, diabetes, digestive conditions, and cancer.

The Challenge

EquipNet’s client in the Pharmaceutical Industry was in need of a comprehensive asset management solution for a personal care site closure in Guarulhos, Brazil. This facility was manufacturing OTC and pharmaceutical-grade creams, liquids, and bar soaps for skincare needs. Over 150 assets needed to be managed and sold, including Complete Production Lines for Bar Soap, Creams, and Liquids, as well as Reactors, Tanks, Stability Chambers, Laboratory Equipment, Plant Utility Equipment, and more.

All assets needed to be inventoried, tagged, listed onto EquipNet’s online MarketPlace, and solid within the client’s requested deadline.

The Solution

EquipNet’s specialists handled the inventory of the assets on-site. From there, a plan was made to optimize sell-through and financial return for the client. The equipment was listed onto EquipNet’s Online MarketPlace – the largest online marketplace for pre-owned equipment – for negotiated sale.


The Result

EquipNet successfully achieved 100% sell-through for the client before the requested deadline, resulting in over $600,000 USD in sales proceeds. The client was very satisfied with the final result and is looking forward to working with EquipNet in the future.

Number of Assets

Sales Proceeds

Equipment Categories
Stability Chambers
Laboratory Equipment
Plant Utility Equipment

Site Closure Management
Project Management
Onsite Inventory
Worldwide Logistics
Negotiated Sale via MarketPlace

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