Global Pharmaceutical Company:
Horsham, United Kingdom

The Client

A global leader in providing healthcare solutions which address the evolving needs of patients and societies. This company provides medicines and treatments to help patients and improve patient care. Their overall success has solidified their reputation as one of the highest-ranked pharmaceutical and healthcare companies in the world.

They focus solely on healthcare, and offer a diversified portfolio to best meet the needs for a wide range of services. These services include innovative medicines, eye care, cost-saving generic pharmaceuticals, consumer health products, preventive vaccines and diagnostic tools.

This industry leader happens to be one of EquipNet’s largest corporate clients and we have worked with them on numerous projects globally to help them manage their surplus assets and procurement needs.

The Challenge

The project started in 2011 with a simple request for disposition of a small quantity of surplus assets and evolved into a complete site closure ending in October 2014. The project evolved into four distinct phases.

Overall, the project required the disposal of close to 2,000 assets together with full site clearance based on the client’s specification. The final phase of the project had extremely testing timelines that presented many challenges both to EquipNet and the client.

The Solution

Phase 1 – General Surplus Equipment (Mar 2011-Aug 2011)

In this initial phase of the project, the site had several minor manufacturing and laboratory assets that were surplus to their ongoing operations. EquipNet provided inventory and pricing services which resulted in several redeployments within Novartis as well as individual asset sales through EquipNet’s MarketPlace.

Phase 2 – Full Lab Building Closure (Aug 2011-Feb 2012)

Whilst engaged in phase 1 on the project, the client requested assistance from EquipNet with the closure of a building entirely made up of laborites. Again, EquipNet provided inventory and pricing services for all the assets. They client was able to redeploy approximately 90% of items. The rest were sold through EquipNet’s MarketPlace.

Phase 3 – Full Closure of all Manufacturing Operations (Feb 2012-Nov 2013)

Late in 2011 the client announced the cessation of all manufacturing operations at the facility by June 2013. The facility was a solid dose manufacturing site that contained both processing and packaging machinery, QA, QC and plant utilities. The goal of this phase was to provide disposition services for all ‘non-fixed’ assets at the site. EquipNet delivered a ‘full clearance’ project, effectively leaving all relevant buildings empty and ready for demolition. Approximately 900 assets were sold through both individual asset sales on MarketPlace an online auction event.

Phase 4 – Full Closure of R&D Lab Building (Mar 2014-Oct 2014)

In late 2013 the client finally announced the closure of the remaining functioning building at the facility. This was an unexpected announcement and legislative procedures prevented EquipNet starting the inventory of over an additional 900 assets until late March 2014 with full clearance required by mid October 2014. This particular laboratory was still functioning until June 2014 so no auction lotting could take place until that time, but an auction scheduled for the end of July 2014. This required a team of Equipment Specialists and EquipNet support staff to process the inventory in less than a month’s time prior to the auction. The priced asset list was close to $5.5m and we helped the client redeploy most of the major value assets. In addition to the large amount of redeployments, EquipNet’s auction delivered sales of over $700,000.00 which was twice the client’s expectation.

The Result

Through a healthy combination of redeployments, negotiated sales, and auction events, EquipNet was able to sell through the majority of the assets for the client. We helped the client redeploy millions of dollars in asset value and delivered an additional $3.3m of external sales.

The entire facility was left in ‘cleared’ condition as specified by the client pending confirmation on the final disposition of the site.

EquipNet helped the client control and trace the physical and financial disposal of their assets to meet the client’s strict internal financial and Health & Safety procedures.

Number of Assets

Sales Proceeds
$3.3 Million

Equipment Categories
Manufacturing and Lab Equipment

Project Management
Account Management
Managed Pricing
Equipment Specialists

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