Global Pharmaceutical Conglomerate:
Latina, Italy

The Client

A global pharmaceutical conglomerate that is consistently ranked as one of the top three pharmaceutical companies in the world.

The Challenge

One of the client’s pharmaceutical processing facilities in the Latina region of Italy was in the planning stages of an upcoming project. This new endeavor required the acquisition of a thermoformer and a blister packaging line, which if purchased new, would cost more than $500,000 and had an average lead time of 1 month. This daunting price tag did not include shipping and handling, or any spare parts.

They were engaged in negotiations with OEMs in an attempt to find a price break, but they were not having much luck. More importantly, they did not want to sacrifice the quality or functionality of the machines they needed for a minor price discount. With the clock ticking, and action needed, their search continued.

The Solution

EquipNet’s specialists included the following services for a comprehensive solution to the client’s asset management needs.



-Worldwide Logistics

The Result

The client’s big break came when they decided to consider sourcing their needed equipment from the secondhand market. Having an established relationship with EquipNet, they reached out to a sales representatives based in the UK, asking what he could do to help them find a thermoformer and blister packaging line that could be immediately put to use in their Latina facility. The EquipNet sales representative performed the necessary research, scouring the EquipNet MarketPlace for options and making phone calls to other pharmaceutical and biotech organizations around the world to check their surplus inventories. Within a few days’ time, he was able to locate a suitable match for the client to consider.

The thermoformer and blister packaging line was a used IMA C90 that was recently uninstalled and re-marketed for sale from another industry- leading, global pharmaceutical company that was also a corporate client of EquipNet’s. This reputable company had taken extremely good care of their equipment during the few years they owned it, and their attention to detail with maintenance was evident to the client. Although the condition of the equipment was a major selling factor, the cost savings was an ever larger benefit.

In comparison to the $500,000 price quote the client had received from an OEM, the pre-owned equipment cost $110,000, which included packaging, shipping and handling, and spare parts. It was a no-brainer. By simply contacting EquipNet, and asking a simple question of “How can you help us?” the client was ultimately able to save $390,000 and save resources that would have been devoted to handling shipping on their own. More importantly, they learned a valuable lesson about the benefits of low-cost equipment sourcing with EquipNet.

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