Global Pharmaceutical Corporation:
Procurement Services

The Client

A leading drug development company with facilities spanning across more than 60 different countries. Founded in 1891, this client is one of the world’s seven largest pharmaceutical corporations, manufacturing products including vaccines for a variety of therapeutic areas, consumer products, and animal health products.

They have been one of EquipNet’s largest corporate clients for more than eight years, and we have worked with them on countless projects to aid in the management of their surplus assets.

The Challenge

The client suffered a setback when one of their facility’s cap elevator unexpectedly stopped working properly. They reached out to the OEM in an attempt to find a speedy resolution to the problem, as they did not want to endure a prolonged delay in their facility’s activities because of this mishap. Unfortunately, the OEM no longer supported their particular cap elevator.

Our client was stuck with a broken piece of equipment, and a facility in need of a functioning cap elevator in order to continue day-to-day operations. They needed to find a replacement for their equipment that fit their specific needs and could immediately be installed into their existing line, and they needed it quickly.

The Solution

EquipNet’s specialists included the following services for a comprehensive solution to the client’s asset management needs:

  • Procurement Services
  • MarketPlace
  • Project Management
The Result

Sending out a simple email to their EquipNet account manager, the client unknowingly set in motion the actions that would provide them with exactly what they needed.

Their email detailed the immediate need for a replacement pharmaceutical-grade, stainless steel cap elevator that could reach a hopper 92 inches off the ground. The account manager alerted the EquipNet direct sales force of the client’s urgent need and they swiftly searched the MarketPlaceTM for any suitable elevators. Within six day’s time the EquipNet direct sales force had identified a suitable replacement for the broken cap elevator and presented images and specs for the client’s consideration.

Upon seeing that EquipNet had found a suitable replacement for their very specific equipment request, the client made a bid to purchase the equipment. At the end of the transaction, the client was able to save thousands of dollars by opting to purchase from the secondhand market instead of sourcing directly from the OEM. Aside from realized cost savings, the client also avoided any prolonged delay in their facility’s day-to-day activities as a result of EquipNet providing a speedy and comprehensive solution to their predicament.

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