Leading Device Engineering Facility:
In-House Project Management

The Client

The client is a leading healthcare provider specializing in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

The Challenge

At the beginning of the year, this client’s in-house project manager from EquipNet realized an opportunity for a large cleanout of surplus medical device equipment at the company headquarters. Approximately 92 assets were identified at the facility; although there was no deadline for this project, EquipNet aimed to complete the project by the end of the year. Equipment at this facility included various laboratory and analytical instrumentation such as Ion Coupled Plasma Spectrometers, Environmental Chambers, and Ultracentrifuges, along with various sized Process Tanks and Reactors.

The Solution

EquipNet provided turnkey asset management solutions to yield the best results for the client’s surplus assets, including an onsite inventory, internal redeployment, and more.

•In-House Project Management           •Individual Asset Sales
•Onsite Inventory                                     •Dedicated Online Auction Event

The Result

EquipNet’s proactive asset management services yielded full clearance of the client’s surplus assets within the expected range of return. Of the over 70 assets, 8 were redeployed while the remaining were sold. The company saw $90,000 in redeployment savings and over $12,000 in sales.

Number of Assets

Sales Proceeds

Equipment Categories
Environmental Chambers
Process Tanks

In-House Project Management
Onsite Inventory
Individual Asset Sales
Dedicated Online Auction Event

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