Leading Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer:
Humacao, Puerto Rico

The Client

The client is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer with annual revenues of more than $14 billion. The global headquarters is in New Brunswick, NJ. The client is firmly focused on developing innovative medicines and technologies to help provide for the medical industry. They have about 30 manufacturing and research facilities worldwide, primarily in the US, Latin America and Europe. They are organized in two separate business divisions—Pharmaceutical and Nutritional.

The Challenge

The client contacted EquipNet with an urgent need for an equipment part for a Kikusui press. Their current press broke down during the middle of a production run, and they needed to replace the transformer ASAP or they would suffer a significant money loss. The OEM was quoting 4 to 6 weeks for the part to be available—a wait time that would cause the client to lose their whole batch of product. EquipNet had to act fast and efficiently to ensure the best results for their client.

The Solution

EquipNet had just received into storage the same model machine from this manufacturer, and were glad to lend the client the needed part at no additional charge until theirs came in from the OEM. Within 48 hours, the client’s technician came to EquipNet to pull the needed part. EquipNet had the appropriate crate made for the part and organized the air shipment for the client. The part needed to continue production arrived in Puerto Rico four days after the part was removed, and was successfully delivered to the client’s site two days later. The client in turn continued with the OEM order to deliver to and replace the transformer on the press located at EquipNet.

The Result

The client was very satisfied with EquipNet’s ability to get their production back up and running as soon as possible. EquipNet’s specialists were able to provide an essential equipment part to the client at no cost. The part was ready for assembly in the client’s facility in under a week’s time, compared to the 4 to 6 week estimate given by the OEM. EquipNet was able to save the company over $250,000 in loss production costs, resulting in a very pleased client.

EquipNet embraces these types of opportunities to go above and beyond the norm to help our customers. This flexibility and willingness to support our clients is indicative of EquipNet’s character and desire to create Raving Fans.

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