Leading Perfume & Personal Care Facility Closure:
New Jersey

The Client

A leading global designer and personal care company who manufactures high-end perfumes, cosmetics, and other related products.

The Challenge

The client contacted EquipNet requesting asset management services for a
complete site closure at its facility in New Jersey. The facility was converting from
a manufacturing plant to a distribution center and required clearance within the upcoming six months. Additionally, a number of large tanks were located on the second floor of the building, which caused some hardship with removals. At this particular location, the client’s company was manufacturing luxury perfumes, cosmetics, and other personal care products. Equipment included Filler and Capper Lines, Jacketed Kettles, Automatic Cartoning Machines, Cellophane Wrapper Lines, Tube Filling Lines, Tanks, Laser Marking Systems, Inline Piston Fillers, and much more.

The Solution

•Project Management                              •Site Closure Management
•Worldwide Logistics                               •Individual Asset Sales
•Online Dedicated Auction Event         •Onsite Inventory

The Result

EquipNet was able to meet the client’s six month deadline and achieved $1.5 Million in return, which was 25% higher than the original projection. This included over $345,000 in auction sales.


Client Testimonial

“Thank you for delivering such outstanding results on [our] liquidation project. We could not have selected a better partner for this project than EquipNet. The expertise that the EquipNet team brought to the project was invaluable in finding buyers and facilitating sales. Your onsite activities, from the initial inventory through the final rigging and removal were done proficiently and professionally.”

                                                 -Executive Director of Marketing

Number of Assets

$1.5 Million

Equipment Categories
Filler and Capper Lines
Automatic Cartoning Machines
Cellophane Wrapper Lines
Tube Filling Lines

Project Management
Site Closure Management
Onsite Inventory
Worldwide Logistics
Individual Asset Sales
Online Dedicated Auction Event

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