Leading Pharmaceutical Client:
Medical Device Manufacturing Facility

The Client

The client is a leading global pharmaceutical conglomerate that is consistently ranked as one of the top three pharmaceutical companies in the world.

The Challenge

The client reached out to us regarding a need for asset management solutions for a facility producing replacement femurs, vertebrae and other surgical instruments. The major assets at this facility included 5-Axis Profile Grinders, Centrifugal Tumblers, Welding Systems, CNC Machining Centers and Ultrasonic Cleaners. This particular site is regularly upgrading equipment and needed an efficient and convenient turn-key solution to remove and consign the idle assets and free up space for the newer assets. As this equipment is generally very large, floor space is scarce and timing is of the essence.

The Solution

Using these services with the aid of EquipNet’s specialists, the client was able to
have a successful and profitable experience guaranteeing future relations with EquipNet.

•Project Management                      •Onsite Inventory
•Certified Appraisals                        •Global Consignment
• Worldwide Logistics                      •ARMS
• Individual Asset Sales                   •Online Auction Event

The Result

EquipNet successfully managed over 250 assets and the client was able to identify needs in other facilities and redeployed six assets, saving the company $1.7 million while earning $256,000 in sales.

Number of Assets

Sales Proceeds

Redeployment Savings
$1.7 Million

Equipment Categories
Welding Systems
CNC Machining Centers
Ultrasonic Cleaners
Profile Grinders
Centrifugal Tumblers

Project Management
Onsite Inventory
Certified Appraisals
Global Consignment
Worldwide Logistics
Individual Asset Sales
Online Auction Event

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