Medical Device Manufacturing Company - Site Closure | Goleta, California

The Client

The client is a global leader in medical device technologies, services, and solutions. The company aims to contribute to human welfare through its offerings to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life.

The Challenge

The client contacted EquipNet for assistance with a facility closure in Goleta, California that needed to be complete within a 4-month timeframe. Equipment featured a range of R&D assets, including microscopes, lab ovens, flow hoods, balances, along with some medical device, injection molding, and machine shop items.

The majority of the assets were decommissioned midway through the project, but 25% were still in operation just weeks before the client’s deadline, leaving a very short window for EquipNet’s Equipment Specialists to prep the assets for sale. In addition, many items were located on the second floor of the facility with no elevator access, requiring rigger service to be properly removed.

The Solution

After providing an onsite inventory of the assets, EquipNet’s team coordinated the removals and began preparing a partnered auction event to sell through the client’s assets. Leading up to the auction, the equipment was available on EquipNet’s Online MarketPlace for negotiated sale.

The Result
sell medical device equipment

The project was highly successful for the client. 189 assets were redeployed to the company’s other facilities, resulting in over $200,000 in cost savings. 19 pieces were sold on the MarketPlace and 316 were sold through a dedicated auction event, providing the client with over $300,000 in sales.

medical device manufacturing
Number of Assets

Sales Proceeds

Equipment Categories
Lab Ovens
Flow Hoods
Various R&D Assets

Site Closure Management
Project Management
Onsite Inventory
Worldwide Logistics
Asset Redeployments
Negotiated Sale via MarketPlace
Dedicated Online Auction

medical device site closure management

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