Global Bottling Company:
Facility Closure | Menlo Park, CA

The Client

A major multinational bottling company that packages some of the most renowned alcoholic beverages, including various beer, wine and spirits. This client is dedicated to providing efficient and sustainable products that are in line with the highest quality standards.

The Challenge

The client decided to move its Menlo Park, CA production operations to other facilities in the company’s organizational network. This decision officially slated the Menlo Park site for complete closure, leaving seven bottling lines, mixing and blending tanks, and an outside bulk tank farm to be removed from the facility. Our client redeployed some of the bottling equipment and tanks to some other facilities around the US, but even after redeployments, a considerable inventory of equipment remained. With the facility’s lease nearing its deadline, our client reached out for guidance on optimizing financial return in a very short time frame.

The Solution

EquipNet’s project managers developed a strategy to clear the facility and deliver maximized returns, all while adhering to the clients aggressive schedule. The suggested sales strategy allowed the client to remarket its premium surplus assets on EquipNet’s online MarketPlace and then liquidate all remaining assets in a simulcast (both live and webcast) auction event. This strategy allowed the client to obtain both maximized sales returns and clear its facility on schedule.

The Result

EquipNet’s Equipment Specialists took an inventory and tagged all of the client’s surplus equipment, preparing the premium assets for remarketing on our MarketPlace and all commodity assets for the scheduled project-ending auction event. Once all assets were inventoried, the EquipNet sales force actively promoted and negotiated the sale of the premium assets to end-user buyers, ultimately recovering $72,000 for our client in pre-sales. The next and final aspect of the project was a global simulcast auction event that sold the majority of the assets, and recovered more than $630,000.

By the project’s end, our client was left with a cleared facility, more than $700,000 cash, and the satisfaction of knowing that the company selected the right vendor for the job, as EquipNet managed to successfully conduct the project on-schedule, and under budget.

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