Over $235,000 Generated for American Consumer Health Company

The Client

A globally established American consumer health company that manufacturers many household brands.

The Challenge

Our client faced the challenge of effectively assessing, pricing, and removing hundreds of diverse surplus assets housed within one of its North American facilities alongside seeing a return on investment. Due to the complexity of the removal, the extensive amount of assets, and an already established relationship, the client turned to EquipNet for assistance.

The Solution

EquipNet priced the assets while opting to scrap approximately three pallets of smaller equipment and computers which would fetch no value on the second-hand market. All listings were made live on EquipNet Marketplace & Own It Now ahead of the scheduled auction to encourage pre-auction sales. With lots of activity and interest as soon as the assets were uploaded, many of the assets were purchased before heading to auction.

Determined by the EquipNet auction team, the best option for auction was a weeklong event targeting laboratory, research & development (R&D), and cosmetics companies, similar to those targeted for a previous successful auction earlier in the year. With a strategy of 0 reserve and low opening bids, the auction attracted 198 registered bidders, resulting in significant results.

Following the auction, remaining relevant assets were seamlessly integrated into an upcoming May Lab Auction, again with 0 reserve and lower opening bids to take advantage of additional opportunities to find buyers.

The Result

Despite the challenges, sales surpassed original projections for asset sales. The pre-auction sales on Marketplace amounted to $102,752.00, while the weeklong auction generated $135,345.00 in sales from over 1000+ bids. With a projected sales scope of $160K – $220K, the company exceeded expectations, achieving total sales of $238,097.00 from just 75% of assets sold.

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