Oystar IWKA Inline Tube Filler: Colombia

The Client

The client is a leading manufacturer of cosmetics and personal care products, focusing on constant evolution, dynamics, and versatility.

The Challenge

The client originally purchased an Oystar IWKA Inline Tube Filler from a project we were working on with another client. Once the client shipped the equipment to the site, the company’s plans to produce the new product fell through. The company now needed to sell this line as soon as possible and recover the investment from the original purchase.

The Solution

Due to the urgency of this, EquipNet immediately went into action to get the filling line sold and began making calls to relevant buyers across the globe.

• Project Management                     • Direct Sales Force
• Individual Asset Sales                   • Worldwide Logistics

The Result

EquipNet successfully found a buyer within three months of posting the equipment, and was able to recover even more than the original purchase price for the seller.

Number of Assets

Sales Proceeds

Redeployment Savings

Equipment Categories
Tube FIller

Project Management
Individual Asset Sales
Direct Sales Force
Worldwide Logistics

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