Surplus Dairy Manufacturing Equipment

The Client

The client is a leading food manufacturer in Mexico specializing in dairy and other related products. The company has over 65 years of experience in the industry and values innovation and high-quality products for its consumers.

The Challenge

The company was in need of a comprehensive asset management solution to sell equipment that was surplus to the ongoing operations. Equipment was located in four different facilities in Mexico and featured various food processing and packaging assets, primarily used for dairy and other related products.

Machinery included tanks, conveyors, coding machines, laminar flow cabinets, bottle filling machines, evaporators, grinders, pumps, heat exchangers, milling machines, box packaging machines, and much more. This is an ongoing project EquipNet is working on with the client. As an ongoing project with no hard deadline, EquipNet has a great opportunity to fully maximize financial return for the client.

The Solution

Since there is no deadline for this project, EquipNet implemented its Value Based Sales Model, which includes sales via online MarketPlaceTM and online auction events to ensure optimized sellthrough and sales return. The client was also able to redeploy a number of assets to be used at other facilities.

The Result
dairy equipment management

Within only six months, EquipNet has sold over 170 pieces of equipment for the client, generating over $200,000 in sales proceeds. To date, the client is very satisfied with the results EquipNet has achieved. The remaining inventory is intended to sell for a total of over $450,000.

Number of Assets

Sales Proceeds

Redeployment Savings
$2.5 Million

Equipment Categories
Storage Silos
Heat Exchangers
Bottle Fillers

Project Management
Onsite Inventory
Proactive Asset Sales
Online Auction
Worldwide Logistics

surplus dairy equipment management

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