February 2021

B&R Compliance, an EquipNet Company, and Analytical Science & Technologies Announce Strategic Alliance

Canton, MA – B&R Compliance Associates LLC (B&R), a recognized leader in FDA compliance in the Pharma, Medical, Food & Beverage Sectors and Analytical Science & Technologies Group, Inc. (AST), a recognized leader in customized products and solutions that deliver quality liquid and gas analytics, have formed a strategic alliance to provide producers and financial investors in alternative Carbon Dioxide source projects with industry leading services to comprehensively evaluate and assess a project’s viability to consistently and reliably meet Beverage Grade requirements.

Today’s market and production challenges in the Carbon Dioxide industry have renewed and expanded the focus on developing alternative feed gas sources. Producing ISBT Beverage Grade product from these alternative sources presents substantial hurdles, as some have historically been considered unacceptable, and others are new and untested technologies. An exhaustive examination of these new sources is an essential component of assuring the quality, viability, and food safety of the Carbon Dioxide these sources produce. Such an evaluation can also be an essential element in gaining customer acceptance.

Bob Yeoman, President of B&R, said “Carbon Dioxide feed gas sources, such as Biogas and Landfill operations, present distinctly different product safety and quality hazards as compared to traditional sources. Our work in this area has found that each one of these alternative feed gas sources is unique and each require a drastically different and customized approach. Evaluating a source to simply see if meets beverage grade impurity requirements is woefully inadequate. Some customers have shown significant market reluctance to embrace these new source types, and to address that reluctance we have developed a number of tools, such as a comprehensive data driven strategic plan demonstrating how the relevant hazards are managed. Such a plan, when based on a thorough analytical evaluation and incorporating appropriate product quality and safety controls, can be a powerful component in gaining market acceptance. Having recognized industry experts, such as B&R and ASTG, perform this type of assessment is yet another powerful element in gaining that customer acceptance.”

Sieg Mueller, President of AST, went on to note that the traditional Beverage Gas analyses used with conventional source types, although thorough, only seeks to identify known or expected hazards. “With new sources it is imperative to look for both expected and all potential un-expected hazards which may affect product quality or safety. Advances in analytical technology and fingerprinting techniques at AST allow us to characterize these new sources to a level of granularity and specificity heretofore not used on beverage gases. By developing a full spectrum picture of potential hazards and their impact we can facilitate data driven decision making on how best to control and manage these hazards.” Working together over the last couple of years B&R and AST have been leading the industry in assessing alternative source types, and our work is now becoming industry best practice.

About B&R Compliance
Serving the gases, chemical, drug, and food industries, the Associates at B&R Compliance have lifetimes of experience in spanning from the production floor to executive management. We specialize in delivering cost effective regulatory solutions which are a custom fit to your business and compliance needs. Whether you are developing a food safety or drug compliance program, need to review and assess your current capabilities, or are seeking a professional resource partner to support your existing programs, B&R can provide the expertise and in-depth experience you need. Visit www.brcompliance.com for more information on our safety and compliance programs and solutions or give us a call at (610) 868-7183.

About Analytical Science & Technologies
About Analytical Science and Technology Group- When gas requirements are critical to your future,
we can move you there, today. We are engineers. We are scientists. We are partners. Our multidisciplinary team develops customized products and laboratory solutions that deliver quality liquid and gas analytics to help you and your team maintain efficiencies, safety, and security. We also offer specialist support, working with you anywhere in the world or within one of our own facilities to help you solve your most pressing challenges, so you are future-ready, today.

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EquipNet, Inc. is a leading provider of proactive asset management solutions and services to leading corporations in the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, industrial, and consumer packaged goods industries. EquipNet’s vision is to revolutionize the way companies manage their surplus assets by maximizing financial returns and minimizing the risks associated with idle capital assets. If you have surplus you are looking to sell, or are looking for pre-owned equipment at an affordable price, visit us at EquipNet.com.

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