February 2021

EquipNet Adds New UPS Shipping Option for Own It Now Purchases

Canton, MA – Global leader in asset management solutions, EquipNet, Inc., has announced the addition of a new shipping option with UPS (United Parcel Service) on the Own It Now platform.

The new addition with UPS is available for all Own It Now inventory currently located at EquipNet’s warehouse in Canton, Massachusetts. This new feature offers expedited shipping and is available for customers within the 48 contiguous states. Qualifying inventory includes single-item transactions for assets under 150lbs. Multiple-item transactions for standard-size pallets will be available later this year.

Nicklas Galley, Auction & Own It Now Channel Manager at EquipNet, states, “I am excited about this new shipping option for our Own It Now customers. It will allow buyers to receive their smaller-sized assets conveniently and efficiently through a widely trusted shipping company.”

EquipNet is currently working to expand this offering on inventory located in its other US warehouses as well as its University Store.


About Own It Now

EquipNet Own It Now is a revolutionary platform where the first user to act wins the item at the indicated price. Listings are offered for an indicated amount of time and drop in price decrements over a fixed amount of time; as the time drops, so does the cost. Time intervals and pricing decrements are specified on each individual listing. The first buyer to click “Own It Now” purchases the item for the price specified when the “Own It Now” button was clicked. Buyers may also enter a proxy for any amount. If the price of the given item drops to the proxy amount before the time clock ends or another buyer acts first to win the item, then the proxy submitted will be the winning amount and that buyer will be the purchaser of the item. Please note, the Own It Now platform also includes inventory available at a fixed price.

About EquipNet

EquipNet is a leading provider of proactive asset management solutions and services to leading corporations in the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, industrial, and consumer packaged goods industries. EquipNet’s vision is to revolutionize the way companies manage their surplus assets by maximizing financial returns and minimizing the risks associated with idle capital assets. If you have surplus you are looking to sell, or are looking for pre-owned equipment at an affordable price, visit us at EquipNet.com or contact us at [email protected].

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