Benefits of Surplus Asset Management with EquipNet

Companies from a wide array of industries use ARMS to understand what assets they have and where those assets are located. ARMS can help your company:

DO IT YOUR WAY- Let EquipNet specialists customize your ARMS software to fit your specific needs. GAIN VISIBILITY- Shine a light into the dark and dusty corners of your company’s warehouses, labs, and back rooms, giving you control and visibility over your valuable surplus assets.

STOP WASTING MONEY- Avoid the cost of purchasing equipment that you already own.

STREAMLINE COMMUNICATION- Send company-wide email updates about available surplus equipment.

TRACK SUCCESS- Track and measure email responses to surplus equipment deployment campaigns.

KEEP DATA SECURE- Password-protect information about your assets, keeping it accessible only to the individuals that you authorize.

MAINTAIN CONTROL AND COMPLIANCE- Keep a consistent, documented audit trail to achieve and maintain control and compliance.

IMPLEMENT QUICKLY- Gain access to EquipNet’s hands-on training and ongoing phone-based technical assistance.

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