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EquipNet specializes in creating global remarketing programs to help companies sell their surplus tools. Our exclusive contracts with our fortune 500 clients yields a wide range of used electronics manufacturing equipment including, used electronic test and measurement equipment, used front end semiconductor tools, used back end semiconductor tools, lab and analytical equipment, and used PCB and SMT assembly equipment. If you do not see the tools that you are looking for or if you have questions about remarketing the idle assets in your facility, contact us today.

EquipNet Expands Presence in China Through Partnership with Hangzhou E-Giant Semiconductor Tech Co., LTD

150mm Process Tools from Multiple FAB's Available for Sale

EquipNet Inc. and Hangzhou E-Giant Semiconductor Tech Co., LTD (Hangzhou, China) have signed a joint venture partnership to expand the resale of semiconductor tools within the Chinese market. Current inventory includes front and back end tools such as Diffusion Furnaces, Steppers, Implanters, Wafer Analyzers and Testers. OEMs featured are Kokusai Electric, Canon, Varian, Keithley, Rigaku and others.

Why EquipNet?

EquipNet Exclusively Remarkets Your Inventory Internally and to the External Market to Maximize Returns

Upgrade from Spreadsheets and Manage Your Surplus Assets with EquipNet's Asset Redeployment Management Systems (ARMS)

ARMS is a secure web-based interface that facilities can use to post, track, find, redeploy, buy and sell equipment. Clients can easily determine the success of their efforts by analyzing cost savings through redeployments and revenue generated through sales. Companies that exclusively use EquipNet for their asset disposition needs can see $2M to $10M in previously unidentified funds per year.

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Outright Purchase Program

Reduce your environmental footprint through the secondhand equipment market. Clear out your facility and generate revenue faster than any other service provider. Attractive and secure consignment facilities for equipment storage. Highly experienced team of Customer Fulfillment and Project Management specialists

Gain Immediate Cash for Your Equipment

EquipNet’s extensive database of global contacts includes immediate buyers who want to purchase your pre-owned manufacturing and packaging equipment, lab and analytical instrumentation, and much more.

Free Up Space in Your Facility

Surplus equipment takes up valuable space at your facility. Our Outright Purchase Program provides sellers with immediate financial return and helps to clear out equipment from facilities.

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What are Semiconductors and How are They Used?

The capability of a substance to permit electrons to flow through is referred to as its conductivity. A conductor allows electrons to pass through while an insulator will require lots of energy to do the same. A semiconductor is, therefore, a material that has a conductivity between that of conductors such as metals, and non-conductors (insulators) such as ceramics.

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