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EquipNet is the world's leading provider of pre-owned semiconductor equipment. Our exclusive contracts with our clients yield a wide range of used front end equipment and used back end equipment. Our inventory of used front-end semiconductor includes used deposition tools, used etching systems, used lithography equipment, and used WET process tools. Our inventory of used back end semiconductor equipment includes used die prep tools, used final test equipment, used inspection systems, and used wafer testing tools. If you do not see the pre-owned semiconductor equipment that you are looking for, call one of our representatives and we will find it for you.

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Sell Your Surplus Semiconductor Tools in 5 Easy Steps


EquipNet works with you to identify equipment at your site that is surplus to your needs.


Self-post the assets or send the the inventory list to EquipNet.


EquipNet reviews pictures and information provided to generate pricing and timeline.


Listings are activated with global marketing and sales campaigns.


Upon sale, EquipNet and Buyer facilitate shipping logistics.

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What are Semiconductors and How are They Used?

The capability of a substance to permit electrons to flow through is referred to as its conductivity. A conductor allows electrons to pass through while an insulator will require lots of energy to do the same. A semiconductor is, therefore, a material that has a conductivity between that of conductors such as metals, and non-conductors (insulators) such as ceramics.

3 Ways to Buy Semiconductor Equipment

EquipNet is the world leading auctioneer for lab instrumentation and manufacturing equipment. We provide global online auctions, live auctions, and sealed bid auctions.

Own It Now allows users to purchase equipment with the click of a button. As the time ticks down, so does the price.

EquipNet's MarketPlace is the world's largest online venue for surplus process, packaging, laboratory, and analytical equipment.

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