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EquipNet is the leading provider in used metrology equipment and used RF testing equipment. Our extensive database of qualified buyer within the Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and Metalworking industries are always looking for pre-owned metrology equipment. We have interested buyers in the following categories of equipment. If you have any of these tool, or searching for your own wanted equipment, contact us today.

Aerospace Testing
Equipment Wanted

3D/Laser Inspection Equipment
Coordinate Measuring Machines
Electronic Test and Measuring
Environmental Chambers
Fatigue Testing Equipment
Impact Testing Equipment
Tensile Testing
Vibration Testing

Automotive Testing
Equipment Wanted

Coating/Paint Testing
Coordinate Measuring Machines
Electronic Test and Measurement
Emissions Bench Testing
Environmental Chambers
Shock Testing
Vibration Testing

Metallurgical Lab, Fabrication & Cutting Equipment Wanted

Analytical Instruments
Coordinate Measuring Machine
Environmental Chamber
Fatigue Tester
Hardness Tester
Metallography Equipment
Optical Comparitor
Sample Specimen CNC Machine

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Our exclusive contracts with our clients, within multiple industries, yield a wide range of used metrology equipment, such as, used tensile testers, used coordinate measuring machines, used environmental chambers, and used torque testers. Inventory and used metrology equipment and used RF testing equipment changes daily, with assets coming from multiple industries such as Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and Metalworking.


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Radio frequency, or RF, and metrology testing systems have a wide range of uses in today’s world, from telecommunications to augmented reality. Metrology equipment allows RF testing to be incredibly precise and accurate, especially vital in industries such as aerospace, manufacturing, and automotive.

With the significant and rapid advances in wireless technology and communications in particular, RF testing and metrology equipment are more important than ever. Ensuring that products and systems operate within the proper electromagnetic environment and do not introduce potentially harmful interference or disturbances back into the environment is paramount.

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