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EquipNet is the world's leading provider of pre-owned packaging equipment. Our exclusive contracts with our clients yield a wide range of used case packers, used labelers, used cartoners, used unscramblers, used form fill seal machines, used packaging lines and more used packaging equipment. If you do not see the used packaging equipment you are looking for, call one of our representatives and we will find it for you.

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Sell Your Surplus Packaging Equipment in 5 Easy Steps


You identify equipment at your site that is surplus to your needs.


Self-post the assets or send the the inventory list to EquipNet.


EquipNet reviews pictures and information provided to generate pricing and timeline.


Listings are activated with global marketing and sales campaigns.


Upon sale, EquipNet and Buyer facilitate shipping logistics.

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EquipNet Celebrates 20 Successful Years in Business

CANTON, MA – This year, EquipNet is celebrating 20 years in business. The company has a focus on pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, food & beverage, personal care, as well as electronics and industrial manufacturing markets.

Blog Post: Common Types of Conveyors and Their Applications

Are you looking to invest in conveyors for your production line? You need to select conveyors that will best suit the exact needs of your business. However, for you to make an informed purchase, you should understand the different types of conveyors and their applications. This will enable you to know the kind that will meet your application needs.

Own It Now: The Countdown Ends Soon!

EquipNet is changing the way you buy, by revolutionizing your purchasing experience. Own It Now allows you to compete with the clock and other prospective buyers. As time drops, so does the price but make sure you Own It Now before another user beats you to it!

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Sustainability Benefits in the Used Equipment Market

Running an environmentally-friendly business helps to promote sustainability. Reducing the impact on the environment and preserving natural resources is an organization’s responsibility, a concept that promotes sustainability and saves costs.

All You Need to Know About Cannabis Extraction

Cannabis extraction involves removing a cannabis product from the cannabis plant. Cannabis contains high levels of psychoactive and medicinal ingredients. This process creates a product more useful for a specific purpose than the plant itself. The product has been helpful in cooking, baking, and recreation. This process has been there for long by the use of basic tools. However, in modern-day, there are sophisticated tools and equipment used in the extraction process.

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