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EquipNet is the world's leading provider of used laboratory equipment. Our exclusive contracts with global clients yield a wide range of lab and analytical equipment, including used HPLCs, lab centrifuges, microscopes, mass spectrometers, gas chromatographs and much more. OEMs include Agilent, Waters, GE Healthcare, Thermo Scientific, Nikon, and many others. Below you will find some examples of the available categories we have.
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EquipNet has lab and analytical equipment available at the click of a button. A variety of commodity assets, such as, incubators, freezers, balances, microscopes, HPLCs and more are available in Own It Now through the Europe lab store and North America lab store.

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We currently have immediate buyers seeking HPLCs, GCs, Flow Cytometers, Mass Specs, Real Time PCR Machines, and various other lab assets. Contact us today to gain a capital return on your idle instruments.
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EquipNet hosts monthly online auctions featuring lab instruments from top biotech companies and leading manufacturers across the globe. These auctions are an opportunity to buy pre-owned assets at a good value but are also great for consigning your unused equipment to clear space in your facility and gain a capital return on your idle equipment. View upcoming online events on our auction calendar or contact us today to consign your equipment in one of our monthly lab auctions.

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