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Used Applied Biosystems Equipment

Applied Biosystems, a Thermo Fisher Scientific Company, is a leading global provider and manufacturer of various laboratory and analytical equipment. Applied Biosystems equipment offers high quality, efficiency, accuracy, and leading technologies to be the ideal solution for all your lab and analytical needs. Applied Biosystems is well known for their range of products that have been ahead of their field for over two decades.

EquipNet is constantly receiving used Applied Biosystems equipment through our exclusive contracts with our clients. Our inventory of used Applied Biosystems equipment includes a number of mass spectrometers, sequencers, DNA synthesizers, PCR and thermal cyclers, liquid handlers, various analytical equipment, and much more. If you do not see the used Applied Biosystems equipment you are looking for, call one of our representatives and we will find it for you. We can also source the right tooling and change parts that you need through our huge network of corporate clients from around the globe.

Applied Biosystems PCR and Thermal Cyclers

Applied Biosystems and Life Technologies manufacture a range of PCR and thermal cyclers in different models and styles that are equipped with various functions and capabilities. Applied Biosystems PCR and thermal cyclers offer high performance and accuracy. EquipNet carries a range of used Applied Biosystems equipment, including a range of PCR and thermal cyclers.

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