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Unused Waldner Dosomat 20.8 Eight Lane Plastic Tray Filing and Closing Line

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Equipment Description
Unused Waldner Dosomat 20.8 Eight Lane Plastic Tray Filing and Closing Line

  • This is a unused Waldner Dosomat 20.8 Eight Lane Plastic Tray Filing and Closing Line for nasal spray bottles (Please refer to listing numbers 780590 and 780592 for the associated Unused Marchesini De-nesting and Labelling machines).
  • Machine was built and Factory Acceptance Test completed in 2020.
  • Machine Description/Operation - Linear 8 Lane Long Chain Link Conveyor (specialist chain drive that reduces chain stretch and increases life (8yrs)). Pre-manufactured transparent plastic packaging trays are loaded onto the line buffer in cassettes. Unique cam system separates the bottom tray from the stack and drops/sucks the tray down into the main conveyor bucket. Machine buckets from Marchesini MS768 De-nester enter at the side of the line. Product is picked from the MS768 bucket and placed into the packaging tray, singles or duo (sucker head can place second bottle in tray at an angle). Machine places leaflet into trays from side-mounted slide out label magazine (label feeder uses pre package label magazines and a unique label feed conveyor developed by Waldner. Label is pre folded and held with adhesive plastic sticker/tab (77 x 27 x 2.35mm). Pre-manufactured plastic lids with window (pre printed with branding, alignment QR code and fitted with electronic article surveillance tag) are placed onto trays from side-mounted slide out lid magazine. Lids are immediately double tack welded to prevent movement prior to the perimeter heat sealing operation. Heat sealing station incorporates a bronze locating pin that marries up sealer with bucket track to eliminate any positional changes in chain length. Product then transfers to adjacent Marchesini BL H235 labeller by way of pick and place arm onto a bucket conveyor. Rejects are ejected from end of line.
  • Cognex camera Vision System for checking orientation of trays, product, label presents, lid presents/orientation etc
  • Unique Waldner mechanical height check mechanism for checking product is correctly placed into trays. System is designed to stop if a fault is detected. Operator prompted to rectify fault before restart, fail safe system to enable machine restart
  • Single to duo change over only requires software recipe change not tooling
  • Machine has been built at least 3 meters longer than required to allow future addition of new work stations
  • Fitted with power transformer to allow machine to be run in USA and EU/UK
  • Zero Access design
  • Line Design Capacity = Single pack 180 - 220 trays/min, Duo pack 90 - 110 trays/min. Speed is electronically adjustable
  • Tray dimensions = Length 143.2mm x Width 131.8mm, Height 47mm
  • Compact Flash solid state memory for software backup
  • Unused Huber Unichiller 025T chiller for heat sealing system
  • More pictures and FAT video available on request

  • Specifications:
    Manufacturer Name

    Serial Number:


    Products Run:
    Nasal Spray Bottle
    Nasal Spray Bottle

    400 VOLTS
    400 VOLTS

    CE Marked:

    50 HERTZ
    50 HERTZ


    Dosomat 20.8
    Dosomat 20.8

    Capacity Speed:
    90-220 TPM
    90-220 TPM

    Recommended Packaging Form:


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    Item #1:
    511.81 x 94.49 x 129.92 IN - 17,636.97 LBS
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    31.5 x 47.24 x 57.09 IN - 132.28 LBS
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    240.16 x 19.69 x 49.21 IN - 661.39 LBS
    6100.00 x 500.00 x 1250.00 MM - 300.00 KGS

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    94.49 x 141.73 x 100.39 IN - 4,409.24 LBS
    2400.00 x 3600.00 x 2550.00 MM - 2,000.00 KGS

    Item #5:
    57.09 x 57.09 x 86.61 IN - 1,102.31 LBS
    1450.00 x 1450.00 x 2200.00 MM - 500.00 KGS

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    139.76 x 15.75 x 19.69 IN - 551.16 LBS
    3550.00 x 400.00 x 500.00 MM - 250.00 KGS

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    102.36 x 19.69 x 43.31 IN - 551.16 LBS
    2600.00 x 500.00 x 1100.00 MM - 250.00 KGS

    Item #8:
    153.54 x 33.46 x 98.43 IN - 771.62 LBS
    3900.00 x 850.00 x 2500.00 MM - 350.00 KGS

    1330.71 x 141.73 x 129.92 in - 25815.87 lb
    33800 x 3600 x 3300 MM - 11710 KGS


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