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EquipNet is the world's leading provider of used manufacturing and packaging equipment for the personal & homecare industry . Our exclusive contracts with our clients yield a wide range of manufacturing, packaging laboratory and facility support equipment such as filling lines, cappers, wrappers, labelers, HPLCs, Viscometers and much more. OEMs include IWKA, Krones, Mespack, Norden, IMA and many others. If you do not see the used equipment you are looking for, call one of our representatives and we will find it for you.

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CBD and Cannabis Manufacturing

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CBD: The Latest Trend in the Personal Care Industry

Kiosks are popping up in malls. Ads are filling websites. Vitamin and health stores have banners draped everywhere. Commercials are hitting the airways. They’re all marketing one of the biggest trends in the health industry: CBD. Chances are you’ve heard of it, and chances are you’ve seen a store selling it somewhere. Let’s see if we can clear up some of the questions you might have!

The Exciting Eruption of the Personal and Homecare Industry

In 2019, the Personal and Homecare industry was worth an estimated $173.32 billion, and over the next five years, it is expected to grow by 4.58% to a staggering $233.58 billion. But, what factors into this expected growth?

Rethinking Global Supply Chains in the Wake of COVID-19

An unexpected repercussion of the COVID-19 pandemic is the disruption in global supply chains. As the virus began to circulate in China in early 2020, sending large parts of the country into lockdown, other parts of the world watched with hesitancy at what this meant for supply chain disruptions.

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Household Products Facility Closure: Guatemala

The client was originally working with a third party auctioneer to sell its surplus equipment from a site closure in Escuintla, Guatemala. When the event did not yield the desired results the company was looking for, the client reached out to EquipNet to enlist in our expertise to sell the remaining inventory.

All You Need to Know About Cannabis Extraction

Cannabis extraction involves removing a cannabis product from the cannabis plant. Cannabis contains high levels of psychoactive and medicinal ingredients. This process creates a product more useful for a specific purpose than the plant itself. The product has been helpful in cooking, baking, and recreation. This process has been there for long by the use of basic tools. However, in modern-day, there are sophisticated tools and equipment used in the extraction process.

Sell Your Personal Homecare Equipment in 5 Easy Steps


EquipNet works with you to identify equipment at your site that is surplus to your needs.


Self-post the assets or send the the inventory list to EquipNet.


EquipNet reviews pictures and information provided to generate pricing and timeline.


Listings are activated with global marketing and sales campaigns.


Upon sale, EquipNet and Buyer facilitate shipping logistics.

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