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The client was in need of an ongoing asset management solution to help manage and sell over 25,000 pieces of surplus MRO equipment and spare parts at a facility in Rahway, New Jersey. This facility consists of multiple buildings; Inventory to be sold... Download »
The client had planned to build a biotechnology laboratory for the production of recombinant mammalian cell proteins in large scale, however the company never moved forward with the project. This left the client with a surplus of new, uninstalled... Download »
The client reached out to EquipNet for immediate clearance on a number of transformers and generators located at a warehouse in Panama. Warehouse costs were becoming burdensome and the client needed to sell the assets within the next six months. Download »
The client needed assistance with a multi-phase facility closure consisting of two buildings at the same site. With over 800 assets to manage and sell, and a one year timeframe that ended up being cut short, EquipNet needed to act efficiently in order... Download »
The client reached out to EquipNet to request asset management services for a full site closure in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The company wished to maximize the value recovered from its equipment within a timeframe of only seven months. Download »
The company was in need of a comprehensive asset management solution to sell equipment that was surplus to the ongoing operations. Equipment was located in four different facilities in Mexico and featured various food processing and packaging assets... Download »
This client originally sought out an auctioneer company to help sell a cookie production line from a facility in Colombia. When the company was unsuccessful in its efforts, the auctioneer directly reached out to EquipNet for expert assistance. Download »
The client was planning a site closure for its facility in Cali, Colombia. This particular location was manufacturing pharmaceutical solid dose products. With a deadline approaching in 8 months, EquipNet had to ensure the right plan was in place to... Download »
The client had a number of lower value assets along with a couple of higher value items that were surplus to its ongoing operations. The company did not have any strict deadline, but was looking for complete sell-through and to maximize its return. Download »
The client informed EquipNet about a full plant closure at its facility in Fortaleza, Brazil. Since this site was handling vaccinations, the entire facility had to be cleared and demolished, which included five buildings in total. The client requested... Download »
This is an ongoing project that we have been working on at the client’s facility in Mexico City. When the company has surplus, the equipment is sent to EquipNet’s warehouses in Monterrey and Toluca to be placed on consignment. Download »
The client asked EquipNet to handle the complete closure of a skin care product manufacturing facility in Cayey, Puerto Rico within nine months. The facility, which had approximately 2,500 assets, was still an active manufacturing site at the time... Download »
The client was originally working with a third party auctioneer to sell its surplus equipment from a site closure in Escuintla, Guatemala. When the event did not yield the desired results the company was looking for, the client reached out to EquipNet... Download »
The client reached out to EquipNet with an urgent need to sell an unused, high value liquid processing skid. This facility is responsible for manufacturing various household products, including liquid, powder, and solid products. Download »
The client’s facility in Vallejo, Mexico City decided to conduct an efficiency project, which resulted in the decommissioning of multiple lines of manufacturing and packaging equipment, as well as some utilities equipment and other assets. Download »
The client originally purchased an Oystar IWKA Inline Tube Filler from a project we were working on with another client. Once the client shipped the equipment to the site, the company’s plans to produce the new product fell through. The company now... Download »
This project was initiated when the client realized an opportunity to generate return on some assets that were surplus to its ongoing operations. The company did not have a strict deadline as to when they needed the equipment sold by, but an estimated... Download »
EquipNet is constantly working on asset disposition projects with multiple clients across the globe to help companies buy, sell, and manage their surplus. This case study outlines how EquipNet was able to help our long-term client buying and selling. Download »
One of our previous project clients recommended our services to Synta Pharmaceuticals to help with closing a facility consisting of three different buildings. The entire facility needed full clearance and contained an array of over 400 pieces of R&D... Download »
The company had decided to close down its business and was in need of a comprehensive and affordable solution to sell and fully manage its laboratory and analytical equipment. Equipment included some high value items such as an AB Sciex 3200 Mass Spec... Download »
The client was in the process of consolidating its R&D facility in Europe and determined that the majority of the equipment in its Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium facility was surplus to the ongoing operations. Download »
Mid-year, this client notified EquipNet of a full site closure for its facility in Rancho Dominguez, California. With only a two week removal window and a requested clearance deadline in less than five months, EquipNet needed to act quickly. Download »
The client contacted EquipNet requesting asset management services for a complete site closure at its facility in New Jersey. The facility was converting from a manufacturing plant to a distribution center and required clearance within six months. Download »
The client was re-vamping its facility in New York and was switching from manufacturing equipment to co-packers to increase efficiency and improve workflow. The client was seeking an all-inclusive and proactive solution to sell many assets. Download »
An overview of four different projects with EquipNet, including a leading device engineering facility, global healthcare provider, global pharmaceutical conglomerate, and an industrial manufacturing company. Download »
We helped this client manage over 250 assets at its medical device manufacturing facility, resulting in $1.7 million redeployment savings and over $250,000 in sales. Download »
Using EquipNet’s Cascading Sales Model, this client was able to successfully close its medical device facility and gain financial return from its surplus equipment. Download »
This client’s in-house project manager from EquipNet realized an opportunity for a large cleanout of surplus medical device equipment at the company headquarters. The disposition resulted in over 70 assets sold and over $100,000 in sales. Download »
This client reached out for assistance with a two-phase asset disposition project at a facility in Cleveland, Mississippi. Equipment at the facility would be primarily classified as sterile fill/finish equipment. Download »
Becton Dickinson’s facility was closing in Seattle, which consisted of two separate buildings with over 100 assets including Mori Seiki, Haas, and Fadal CNC Machining Centers, Tool Room and Support equipment. Using EquipNet's asset management services... Download »
We helped this client manage its closure within its requested timeline, resulting in $1,000,000 in return and 100% of assets sold through a dedicated online auction event and individual asset sales through the EquipNet MarketPlace. Download »
Early in the year, the client reached out to EquipNet requesting assistance with a facility closure in Staffanstorp, Sweden involving over 100 assets. This facility had been manufacturing a raw ingredient used for insulin and involved a surplus of... Download »
This client reached out to EquipNet for assistance selling an unused Optima Syringe Filling Line. The equipment was purchased new, but was no longer needed and had been sitting idle in the OEM’s facility... Download »
The client was closing a 50,000 sq. ft. San Francisco lab facility that housed 500 surplus lab and analytical assets. The multi-building site needed to be cleared out within a 45-day timeframe... Download »
In 2011, our client decided to move its Menlo Park, CA production operations to other facilities in the company’s organizational network. This decision officially slated the Menlo Park site for complete closure, leaving seven bottling lines... Download »
The client's Lincoln facility was utilizing a third party warehouse storing approximately 80 assets, ranging from small lab kit to solid dose and sterile processing equipment. Per request of the warehouse location’s landlord, the client needed the... Download »
The client reached out to EquipNet for assistance closing the entire telecommunications division of its company, which included over 20 facilities spanning across the globe. Facilities included locations in over five different countries... Download »
This client reached out to us for assistance closing a large paper coating facility within a three month timeframe. The inventory consisted of approximately 1,000 assets, including four very large paper coating lines, as well as paper converting... Download »
The client asked EquipNet to handle the complete closure of a skin care product manufacturing facility in Cayey, Puerto Rico. The facility closure needed to be completed in nine months.The facility, which had approximately 2,500 assets... Download »
EquipNet was asked to facilitate the complete facility clearance of Novartis’ Suffern, New York manufacturing facility. The goal was to provide an initial inventory of all high-end machinery and internally redeploy as many assets as Novartis required... Download »
At the end of November 2013, the client tasked EquipNet with the inventory and evaluation of equipment from two locations: a storage warehouse in Hudson, NH and an additional warehouse in Methuen, MA. The goal was to both verify and qualify the... Download »
The client suffered a setback when one of the facility’s cap elevator unexpectedly stopped working properly. The company reached out to the OEM in an attempt to find a speedy resolution to the problem, as it did not want to endure a prolonged delay in... Download »
In the final stages of shutting down its Norwood, Massachusetts lab facility, the client managed to address all but one of the critical steps to successfully conducting a facility closure. With a one month deadline looming, 150 surplus lab assets... Download »
One of the client’s pharmaceutical processing facilities in the Latina region of Italy was in the planning stages of an upcoming project. This new endeavor required the acquisition of a thermoformer and a blister packaging line, which if purchased new... Download »
Bayer made the decision to sell a facility that was handling its solid dose manufacturing. Once production stopped, the client needed to find a way to liquidate all of the equipment within this building as well as 3 local warehouses in order to move... Download »
With a looming site closure on the horizon for a facility in New Jersey, this company needed to come up with a way to dispose of its lab equipment (HPLC’s, Mass Specs, NMR’s, GC Systems), as well as nearly everything else under the roof, such as... Download »
The client presented EquipNet with an aggressive requirement to clear multiple facilities of surplus Electronic Test and Measurement equipment. With only a few months until the mandatory deadline, EquipNet had to act fast. The client needed to adhere... Download »
Clariant planned to demolish a facility in Mount Holly, North Carolina. According to initial estimates from demolition contractors, the company would expect to pay $1 million to demolish the plant. Under those plans, Clariant staff would have to spend... Download »
Our client was in need of a refresh for its technology assets. EquipNet was able to manage assist with the disposition of over 8,000 computer supplies, including tablets, peripherals and more. Download »
The client was ceasing production of an API at a facility in Brazil that was owned by its sister company. EquipNet had to overcome a number of challenges, which included a very strict deadline to clear the client's assets from the facility... Download »
The client reached out to EquipNet for assistance with a full laboratory closure in Cambridge, Massachusetts. With a strict deadline to clear the facility, EquipNet needed to act quickly and efficiently to ensure the ideal result for the client... Download »
Over time, the client had amassed a substantial surplus inventory of 300 commodity assets. The company had to pay monthly expenses to relocate and store the assets in a local warehouse. This expense, although minor, was an unnecessary monthly expense... Download »
The company’s Belgium site had a dire need for a Bruker NMR in order to continue a pressing project. After going through the throes of the financial approval process, our client was left with the option of purchasing a brand new unit from the... Download »
Our client had a site that needed to fully close down located in Joplin, MO. The company wanted to have the entire facility cleared out by the end of 2013, so EquipNet only had a 6 month timeframe to achieve total clearance on 180 assets, many of which... Download »
The client contacted EquipNet with an urgent need for an equipment part for a Kikusui press. Its current press broke down during the middle of a production run, and it needed to be replaced ASAP or the company would suffer a significant money... Download »
One of our corporate clients elected to shut down one of its largest facilities located in Bridgewater, NJ. The 1.2 million square foot facility needed to be cleared out prior to the clients shut down date. The client engaged EquipNet to assist with the r Download »
The client reached out to EquipNet for assistance with selling two pieces of idle equipment that were taking up valuable space in the university’s research facilities. The equipment included a high-end Micromass Q TOF Premiere Mass Spectrometer... Download »
In July of 2013, this client enlisted the services of EquipNet to aid in the disposition of approximately 300 assets located within its Carlyle, IL facility. Equipment at this site included various types of packaging machines, injection molders... Download »
The client had hundreds of miscellaneous MRO items that had been taking up space at its Bethlehem, PA facility. Our client needed these miscellaneous parts removed from the facility to free up space and make room for new equipment as soon as possible. Download »
This is an ongoing project that began in 2014. The client had a warehouse full of surplus assets at its Broomfield location and were unsure of the fair market value of the equipment. The client also noted that aside from these assets, the company had... Download »
EquipNet has been working with this site for several years to help manage and sell surplus assets. For this project, the site requested EquipNet's help to inventory and sell all of the equipment located in one of its temporary storage areas within six... Download »
The project started in 2011 with a simple request for disposition of a small quantity of surplus assets and evolved into a complete site closure ending in October 2014. The project evolved into four distinct phases. Overall, the project required the... Download »
This project involved a company moving out of a rented, client-owned building in the Northern California area. The equipment surplus included a range of R&D and processing machineries. The primary piece of equipment from the facility featured one vial... Download »
In early 2013, it was decided that our client would need to drastically cut manufacturing costs at its API Processing facility located in small town in County Wicklow, Ireland. With this large-scale downsizing taking place, the client sought the assistanc Download »
Our client had a facility in Clinton, CT for manufacturing hair sprays, deodorants, and other various personal care products which the company was planning to shut down in multiple phases. The client needed to achieve clearance on all assets at that site. Download »
Following the announcement of the site closure in Fawdon, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, EquipNet was asked to initially complete an inventory of all the high-end process, packing and lab assets following its shutdown period, in order to minimize any... Download »
This project called for the clearing of 10 very large silos from a Bayer facility in Banwol, South Korea. From the start, EquipNet knew that this was going to be a difficult project to succeed with, so originally low expectations were set and the... Download »
The client had twenty (20) Auto Syringe Infusion Pumps and six (6) Vital Signs Patient Monitors that it no longer had use for. Since the equipment was obsolete the client engaged EquipNet to assist with the liquidation of the equipment... Download »
In the summer of 2012, it was decided that this company would need to cut the workforce by 68% due to a steady decline in sales of its top selling product. Due to the large downsizing that this company was undergoing, it was also decided upon that... Download »
In July of 2013, this client enlisted the services of EquipNet to aid in the disposition of approximately 300 assets located within their Carlyle, IL facility. Equipment at this site included various types of packaging machines, injection molders... Download »
In November of 2011, the client enlisted EquipNet’s services to assist in the disposition of approximately 150 assets at its Hammersmith, UK facility that was due to close. Prior to shut down, the facility had been performing human nuclear medicine... Download »
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